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Personal data gathered during the holding and operation of MRM2021 is managed according to the privacy policy of the Materials Research Society of Japan (MRS-J). Any information obtained will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Contact with manuscript contributors, participants, exhibitors, etc. for the coordination of the conference.
  • Information on MRS-J itself or related activities. For this matter, the provider can cancel the receipt of notification by offering to the MRS-J secretariat office

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NoAcademic Societies Name (Japanese & English)Membership
1The Materials Research Society of Japan (MRS-J)1-1. Member
1-2. Student Member
2The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials2-1. Member
2-2. Student Member
3The Ceramic Society of Japan3-1. Member
3-2. Student Member
4The Society of Polymer Science, Japan4-1. Member
4-2. Student Member
5Japanese Society for Biomaterials5-1. Member
5-2. Student Member
6The Society of Nano Science and Technology6-1. Member
6-2. Student Member
7The Mathematical Society of Japan7-1. Member
7-2. Student Member
8The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics8-1. Member
8-2. Student Member
9The Physical Society of Japan9-1. Member
9-2. Student Member
10The Japan Society of Applied Physics10-1. Member
10-2. Student Member
11The Chemical Society of Japan11-1. Member
11-2. Student Member
12The Electrochemical Society of Japan12-1. Member
12-2. Student Member
13The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science13-1. Member
13-2. Student Member
14The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan14-1. Member
14-2. Student Member
15Catalysis Society of Japan15-1. Member
15-2. Student Member
16Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan16-1. Member
16-2. Student Member
17European Materials Research Society17-1. Member
17-2. Student Member
18International Union of Materials Research Societies18-1. Member
18-2. Student Member
19Non-member (Overseas)19-1. General
19-2. Student
20Non-member (Domestic)20-1. General
20-2. Student

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